Current Research

There is a huge breadth of exciting research taking place at both institutions related to photonic systems development, with strong industrial engagement across all sections, including with SMEs, some being university spin-outs. All biomedical projects have clinical involvement.
Photo of a PhD student's research project on wearable motion capture technology
IMAGE: PhD student, Thomas Gilbert (Photonics Group), researching wearable motion capturing technology.

Our current research can be categorised by 7 broad technology areas:

  • Biomedical applications (e.g. novel optoacoustic sensing systems for biomedical applications)
  • Materials (e.g. light harvesting systems based on organic semiconductors)
  • Devices (e.g. the construction of an optical super resolution microscope using the concept of Reversibly Switchable Fluorescence Transitions)
  • Displays and imaging (e.g. high resolution holographic 3D display systems)
  • Telecommunications (e.g. quantum communications)
  • THz (e.g. development of a coherent THz photonic integrated system)
  • Other Photonic Systems applications including Engineering (ultrashort, high intensity pulse generation from laser diodes).

We believe that our integrative approach to photonic systems research and development of novel devices, is capable of having the transformative effect that the development of integration has had on electronics and its applications.