How to propose a project

Use this form to submit a research project proposal.

We accept project proposals from approved academic supervisors and industry partners throughout the year.

Submission deadlines for each academic period can be found on the Projects page.

Guidelines for industry partners wishing to propose projects: Guidelines.pdf

Project criteria

Projects must be within the field of Connected Electronic & Photonic Systems (i.e. have significant photonics content with emphasis on connected systems, communications and electronics). Purely materials focused projects would not be suitable this programme.

Abstracts must include:

  • clearly defined research objectives,
  • methodology (i.e. what the student will be doing),
  • engineering/scientific novelty of the research,
  • how the project meets the remit of the CEPS CDT.

Privacy statement: The information you provide may be published on publicly available sites to demonstrate impact and benefits of EPSRC funded research. Please ensure confidential information is not included in this summary.

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