Programme Summary

We offer a four year programme in Photonic and Electronic Systems which combines a one year Master of Research (MRes) followed by a three year doctorate (PhD). The one-year MRes course allows students time to absorb the context of photonics research and to learn tools and methods that can support powerful, influential research.


The programme is designed to provide students with a solid grounding in the knowledge area of photonics and to develop the advanced research skills to enable high quality PhD research. This new programme is designed to broaden students’ horizons and empower and support them in developing and conducting viable explorations into the development of photonic and electronic systems.

Research focused

Students will spend the first year of the programme, the MRes, being trained in a broad range of skills at both UCL and University of Cambridge. This is an intensive course of taught modules and research projects which will ultimately enable students to embark on their PhD programme with confidence and equip them to become leading edge researchers in the field. A Master's degree will be awarded on completion of the first year programme.

Students will then register at either UCL or University of Cambridge for a PhD degree, working on projects defined by research groups active in photonics from across both universities.


Students are encouraged to take an active role in the development and growth of the student community and the programme is interspersed with a wide range of activities including seminars, conferences, taking part in community and industry outreach, field trips, placements and an Annual Symposium. The Centre provides a strong shared and collaborative experience for the body of students spread across both institutions.

We are building a community of researchers working on current and future challenges within photonic systems development.

IMAGE: The UCL Optical Networks Lab