Collaboration Opportunities

Explore some of the current research taking place in the Centre and consider working with two of the world's top 100 universities.

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Liquid Crystal

Our pioneering researchers are looking to industry to invest in emerging technology that will change the course of the future.

Here are a number of current collaboration opportunities that may be of potential interest to help your company achieve your research and technological development strategy, downloadable as PDFs:

Digital burst mode receivers for IM-DD optical communication systems - faster broadband for a better internet experience (Dr Benn Thomsen)

Hybrid Carbon Nanotube Liquid Crystal Devices - Novel micro-optical components (Prof Tim Wilkinson)

Integrated THz Photonics Systems - a compact, cost effective solution to allow high data rate wireless communication and molecular sensing (Prof Cyril Renaud)

Generic photonic foundry development (Prof Richard Penty)

III-V/Si quantum-dot materials and devices for Si photonics - III-V quantum-dot lasers grown on silicon substrate to solve the issue of Si’s incompatibility with III-V semiconductor materials and devices (Prof Huiyun Liu)

Carbon Nanotubes for Electron and X-ray Sources - Electron sources for displays, lighting, and x-ray applications (Prof Bill Milne)

Next generation liquid crystal display and laser devices - Simultaneous multi-wavelength liquid crystal laser devices (Prof Harry Coles)

Shedding light on the brain oxygen and metabolic regulation - Patient brain tissue well being monitoring for enhancing clinical prognosis and care (Dr Ilias Tachtsidis)

Development of board-level optical interconnects based on the use of multimode polymer waveguides (Prof Ian White)

Photonic metamaterials: from zero-index silicon based photonic crystals to nonlinear plasmonic nanostructures - Photonic materials and devices with new functionalities (Prof Nicolae Panoiu)

Integration of photonics and electronics for optical communication systems and 3D displays - Spatial light modulation for data distribution and energy saving (Prof Daping Chu)

Terahertz near-field microscopy for sub-wavelength resolution imaging - enabling technology for research and exploitation of the Terahertz region of the electromagnetic spectrum (Dr Oleg Mitrofanov)

Low Power Photonic Computer Networks - Providing increased information technology performance with lower energy (Dr Phillip Watts)

Silicon-based light emission technologies based on Si nanoclusters - Huge increases in data transfer rates by integrating photonics and electronics all in silicon (Prof Tony Kenyon)