Annual Industry Day

Each year the Centre holds an event to showcase our latest research and discuss new technologies, challenges and opportunities with industry partners.

There are presentations by our PhD students about their research projects and from companies in the field of photonics about the challenges, innovations and opportunities within this rapidly moving industry.

Previous presentation topics have included: machine vision for 3D imaging on Mars Rover (partner: Airbus), optical injection locking applied to quantum encryption (partner: Toshiba Labs), solutions to data capacity challenges associated with optical fibres (partner: BT) and better human-computer interfaces through optics like VR (partner: Microsoft).

In addition to showcasing the Centre’s latest research, a main focus of the day is to provide an environment for students to meet with industry partners to discuss their own research goals and the opportunities available for graduates.

The Centre works with over thirty organisations worldwide who support student projects and contribute to our doctoral training and research programme.

‘We have a very large number of research groups, both in Cambridge and UCL. They cover the range of activities from the very materials related to the very systems related,’ says Professor Alwyn Seeds (UCL), a director of the CDT.

The event also provides an opportunity for industry colleagues, academics and students to discuss how the Centre should continue its research. The audience is asked about the types of new technologies and unsolved problems that PhD students should look to research and develop. Machine learning and artificial intelligence both featured prominently in recent discussions.

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