Video: Augmented Reality using computer-generated holography

Watch this 10-minute presentation by PhD student, Miguel El Guendy, on his research using computer-generated holography on augmented reality (AR).

Miguel El Guendy is working with VividQ as a PhD researcher to help revolutionize next generation holographic displays. This presentation was part of the 2021 Conference on Everything from the Churchill College Postgraduate community.

In this video Miguel talks about the current state of AR and 3D visuals, and the power of computer-generated holography for the future of display technology.

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About Miguel El Guendy

Photo of Miguel El Guendy

Miguel El Guendy is in his final year of his PhD at the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Integrated Photonic and Electronic Systems (IPES CDT), a joint Centre with UCL and University of Cambridge.

His supervisor is Professor Timothy Wilkinson, University of Cambridge.

The IPES CDT is funded by EPSRC programme grant EP/L015455/1.

VividQ is a UK-based deep-tech start up specialising in computer-generated holography.