Student presents Moth-eye Smart Windows research at MRS in San Francisco

PhD student Alaric Taylor presents at the Materials Research Society's spring meeting.


UCL CDT PhD student Alaric Taylor, represented the CDT in April 2015 at the Materials Research Society's spring meeting in San Francisco. His work with Dr Ioannis Papakonstantinou on Moth-eye Smart Windows (temperature-sensitive surfaces that regulate solar transmission and self-clean) was presented in a symposium JJ, which focused upon "Exploiting Bioinspired Self-Assembly for the Design of Functional and Responsive Materials".

The conference ran for 5 days and was attended by thousands of academic and industrial scientists and engineers from around the globe. The conference provided a great opportunity to share novel techniques and research being carried out within the group and gain experience through discussions with researchers in related fields.

Alaric is part of the Photonic Innovations lab at UCL.