UCL-Cambridge Photonic Systems Centre Invites UK Tech Industry to Invest in Students

The EPSRC funded Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Photonic Systems Development set up jointly between UCL and the University of Cambridge will hold an Industry Day on 14th January 2013 at Cambridge’s William Gates Building. UK Tech companies are encouraged to attend and invest in the Centre’s largest ever cohort of students by collaborating in Masters or PhD level research projects that are relevant to the Tech Industry needs. There are a wide range of different opportunities for industry involvement on offer.


Last year over 80 people attended from a wide range of companies who have contributed to supporting student projects and collaborative research within the Centre over the last 3 years.

This year’s key-note speakers are Susan Peacock (ICT Portfolio Manager, EPSRC) and Professor Mike Wale (Director, Active Products Research, Oclaro). The Centre’s research is already contributing to a new wave of technologies in fields as diverse as communications, displays, bio-medical imaging and construction.

Tech companies are invited to outline their interest in photonics and ideas to contribute to the activity of the Centre and provide their views on the potential growth areas that could become a focus for the Centre.

The photonics industry is growing rapidly and experts predict that photonic systems will become one of the most significant enabling technologies of the next few decades. Centre Director, Professor Alwyn Seeds said “Graduates from the Centre’s four year PhD programme will be the next generation of photonics pioneers with the skills and confidence to drive future technology research, development and exploitation through new products, processes and services. Their skill set is already greatly in demand from companies and research organisations, as photonics becomes fully embedded in electronics-based systems applications ranging from communications to sensing, industrial manufacture and biomedicine.”

Companies are invited to consider the opportunity for the Centre’s staff and students to help them advance their research and technology strategies and accelerate the commercialisation of research. Interested companies should register for the event now at: http://photonicsindustryday.eventbrite.co.uk/ or contact the Centre’s Business Development Officer Tim Bodley-Scott for more information.