Photonics-enabled market worth $1.45 trillion

Revenue generated by core photonics and photonics enabled businesses continues to grow, according to recent market analysis from a survey of the global market by SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics. Alongside revenue, numbers of both companies and employees are on the rise.


Some facts about the photonic market globally and in the UK as of 2014:

  • 3200 companies in core components business, underpinning photonics-enabled markets worth $1.45 trillion and employing approx 3.5m people (Source: SPIE)
  • Of the revenues projected from photonic-enabled markets, 52% are in consumer and entertainment; 15% in defence and security and law enforcement and 15% in lighting and displays (Source: SPIE)
  • The UK photonics indusry generates revenues of £10 billion a year and enables £600 billion worth of manufacturing output (Source: EPSRC).

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