Photonics CDT alumni, Dr Gemma Bale, appointed as Founding Programme Co-Director at Advanced Research and Invention Agency

Dr Gemma Bale and Prof Sarah Bohndiek have been selected as two of eight founding Programme Directors of the Advanced Research and Invention Agency (ARIA), a new governmental research and development funding agency built to unlock scientific and technological breakthroughs for everyone’s benefit.

Dr Bale completed her doctorate at UCL on the Photonic Systems Development (PSD CDT) programme and has supervised numerous MRes and PhD students as Assistant Professor of Medical Therapeutics and Head of the Neuro Optics Lab at the University of Cambridge. Prof Bohndiek also supervises research students and projects on the Connected Electronic and Photonic Systems Centre for Doctoral Training (CEPS CDT).

Photo of Gemma Bale and Sarah BohndiekAs co-directors of ARIA, Dr Bale and Prof Bohndiek will be responsible for designing and overseeing ARIA’s initial programme focusing on using optics for planetary and human health. They will be looking to accelerate the use and applications of optical technologies, initially by exploring ideas around non-invasive optical mapping and sensing across a range of applications – from monitoring human health to climate change.

Over the next three years, they will develop a concrete programme around their visions and build the multidisciplinary communities to make them a reality. ARIA will be seeking input and inspiration from the community as they drive towards launching formal programmes in the coming months.

Gemma said, “Working in the health tech space, we have created new tools to allow us to safely see inside humans in new ways using light. We believe that there are emerging optical technologies at the edge of the possible, which will disrupt the current landscape.”

As both contribute to shaping the strategic vision of ARIA, their respective research groups will continue their crucial work within the University of Cambridge.

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Original publication: September 2023, Engineering Department, University of Cambridge.

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