PhD student from the IPES CDT awarded the prestigious IEEE Photonics Graduate Scholarship

Congratulations to Callum Deakin on being selected for the IEEE Photonics Society Award - a prestigious scholarship programme established to reward outstanding student members pursuing education within the Photonics Society field of interest.

Callum Deakin, a PhD student on the IPES CDT, working in the Optical Networks Group at UCL, is a worthy recipient of the IEEE Photonics Society Graduate Student Scholarship Award.

The IEEE Photonics Society established the Graduate Student Scholarship Program to recognise outstanding student members who advance technology in the Society’s field of interest.

IMAGE: Callum Deakin, PhD researcher
About Callum Deakin

Callum Deakin was awarded an MSci in Physics from Imperial College London in 2017 and completed his MRes in 2018 after joining the UCL-Cambridge EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Integrated Photonic and Electronic Systems (IPES CDT).

During his MRes, his research projects focused on the development of perovskite-GaN hybrid materials for photonic applications and a study into the potential of beam steering switches for multicore fibres.

Callum joined the Optical Networks Group at UCL as a PhD student in October 2018, under the supervision of Dr. Zhixin Liu. His main area of expertise includes investigating optical frequency combs-based techniques for high resolution detection of wideband signals, with a focus on telecommunications applications.

Speaking about this fantastic opportunity, Callum said, 

“I am honoured to receive this recognition from the IEEE Photonics Society and hope it will help to further my research career. I would like to thank my supervisor Dr Zhixin Liu, along with my colleagues in the Optical Networks Group and the department, for the fantastic support that they have given me throughout my PhD.”

Callum’s MRes was funded by EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Integrated Photonic and Electronic Systems (IPES CDT) (programme grant EP/L015455/1).

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Published: 25 August 2022, UCL. Images: © UCL 2022