MRes Project Student Presents at Optical Terahertz international conference

Ginny Shooter, an MRes student from UCL on the CDT, recently presented a poster from her first project about THz spectroscopy of hair for early breast cancer identification at the 2017 Optical Terahertz Science and Technology (OTST) conference at UCL.


Ginny Shooter's first MRes project with the UCL Medical Physics department is about how THz spectroscopy of hair can help to identify breast cancer. She presented her research at a poster session at an international conference hosted this year at UCL.

It was a good learning experience for Ginny to present at the conference: "It was interesting to watch other researchers' presentations at the conference and to see what people had to say about my research at the poster session. People seemed interested in the application of the work. It was a useful experience to explain my research in a short amount of time and to try to answer their questions" she said.