CDT Students present posters at CLEO 2016 in California

Cambridge CDT PhD student Jennifer Jones recently travelled to the US to present a poster titled "Towards Lasing from Free-Standing Perovskite-Chiral Polymer Film Devices."

Jennifer Jones is doing a PhD in Professor Tim Wilkinson's group at the University of Cambridge. Her PhD is also jointly supervised by Dr Sally Day from UCL's Photonics Group. She recently travelled out to San Jose in the US, along with fellow CDT student James Lee to attend the CLEO Conference on lasers and electro-optics.

Jennifer said "CLEO was great, a lot of very interesting talks and posters." Her poster titled "Towards Lasing from Free-Standing Perovskite-Chiral Polymer Film Devices." was about a device she has been developing which is proposed for lasing: a thin layer of perovskite between chiral polymer films, the band edge of which coincides with the perovskite emission. She presented characterisations of the device and simulation results she has obtained. You can see her poster below.


James Lee's poster was titled "Ramsey interference in the resonance fluorescence of a charged quantum dot." The poster reported Ramsey interference detected in resonant fluorescence from a charged quantum dot. James and his research colleagues also applied a magnetic field and used the Ramsey pulse sequence to prepare a coherent superposition of electron spin states.

During the visit, Jennifer attended an event arranged by the IEEE Women in Photonics Silicon Valley group, "Climbing the Ladder: Insights from leaders in Photonics", a panel discussion and networking lunch.

Jennifer and James are both members of the Cambridge chapter of the Optical Society of America (OSA) who celebrate their 100th anniversary this year. 

Jennifer also recently gave an oral presentation at another conference,the Joint Meeting of the British and German Liquid Crystal Societies, on "Modelling of free-standing perovskite-chiral polymer film structures for lasing".