2013 IEEE Photonics Society Engineering Achievement

Awarded to Professor Polina Bayvel, Head of UCL Electronic and Electrical Engineering's Optical Networks Group.


Many congratulations to Professor Polina Bayvel who has just received the prestigious IEEE Photonics Society 2013 Engineering Achievement Award "for seminal advances in optical networks, including efficient wavelength routing architectures and electronic DSP algorithms to mitigate data degrading effects."

On winning the prize, Professor Bayvel said: "This is both exciting and humbling. And poignant in receiving this award almost on the 20th anniversary of being awarded a Royal Society URF at UCL to start the Optical Networks Group. The Royal Society supported me for 15 out of these 20 years, first through the URF and then with a Wolfson Merit Award, thank you! Hugely grateful for the endorsement of colleagues within IEEE Photonics Society, and, most importantly, to my exceptional colleagues and students with whom I have been so fortunate to work".

Professor Bayvel is the Head of the Optical Networks Group within UCL Electronic and Electrical Engineering Department and a UCL graduate. She is also a Main Investigator for the Centre.

The presentation will be made during the Awards Ceremony at the 2013 IEEE Photonics Conference (IPC)