Best Poster Award at Optical Network Design and Modelling 2014

CDT PhD student David Ives (UCL) has received the best poster award at a prestigious conference in Stockholm.


CDT PhD student David Ives presented a poster, with supervisors Professor Polina Bayvel and Dr Seb Savory titled "Physical Layer Transmitter and Routing Optimization to Maximize the Traffic Throughput of a Nonlinear Optical Mesh Network" at the Optical Network Design and Modelling 2014 conference in Stockholm, Sweden.

The conference paper describes an optimization process to improve the traffic throughput for an example core optical mesh network, while taking physical layer nonlinear impairments into account. The routing and spectral assignment was optimized along with the transmitter parameters of modulation format and launch power to maximize the network throughput. For the example 14-node 21-link NSF network considered, a gain of 50% in traffic throughput was achieved over the optimally routed, fixed modulation format, fixed launch power case.