Student invited to speak at British Medical Laser Association Annual Scientific Meeting

CDT PhD student Pardis Kaynezhad (supervised by Dr Ilias Tachtsidis, UCL) has been invited to give a talk at the 33rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the British Medical Laser Association from 15-17th April titled "Optical Monitoring of Brain Tissue Oxygenation and Metabolism in Hypoxia-Ischemia in the Preclinical Neonatal Model".


The BMLA is comprised of individuals from a clinical, scientific or commercial background who all have an interest in the diagnostic and therapeutic application of light. There are 8 categories for the presentations this year including: Laser Safety/ Standards and Regulations, Home-Use Devices, Photobiomodulation / LEDs, Skin Applications of Lasers & IPL, Laser Surgery & Medicine including PDT , Biophotonics and Photodiagnostics, Nurses and Health Care, and Marketing the Laser Practice. Pardis will give her conference talk in the "Biophotonics and Photodiagnostics" session at the event.