EPSRC invests £5.1m in biophotonic projects

On 6 March, EPSRC announced they invested £12.2m in Healthcare projects.  This funds 15 research projects. Six of the projects are based on biophotonic technologies worth a total of £5.1m. Research groups at UCL received £1.8m (35%) of this funding. Most projects are supported by companies and NHS Foundation Trusts. Biophotonics related projects are listed below:

  1. Medical imaging markers of cancer initiation, progression and therapeutic response in the breast based on tissue microstructure: New ultrasound and MR imaging techniques will examine breast tissue at the microscopic level. The aim is to help identify different types of breast cancer and classify them as high risk and low risk, as well as predicting their likely response to therapy. These methods will be used not only to examine the cancer itself but also microscopic changes in the stroma or connective tissue near to cancers. The results should lead to a clinical trial. The project is led by Professor David Hawkes, Compueter Science, University College London and Professor Andrew Evans, University of Dundee. Grant £812,000.
  2. Multimodal neuroimaging: novel engineering solutions for clinical applications and assistive technologies: New imaging techniques will be developed to assess and improve therapies for brain injured patients and help very disabled patients to interact with the world. The team will create awearable, comfortable,brain imaging system capable of measuring regional electrical activity and oxygen utilisation for use in a range of patient environments. Researchers will investigate whether these systems can be used to help patients communicate and control the world around them and novel physiological models will enhance the extraction of clinically relevant information from the captured signals and images. Led by Professor Clare Elwell, Medical Physics and Bioengineering, University College London. Project partners: Custom Interconnect Ltd, g tec Guger Technologies, and the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability. Grant £993,000


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