Best Student Seminar Presentation of the Year 2016-17

UCL CDT PhD student Eleni Bohacek, supervised by Dr David Selviah from the UCL Electronic and Electrical Engineering, has won the prize for Best Student Seminar Presentation of the Year 2016-17.

Each month, alternating between Cambridge and UCL, CDT students attend a seminar. This is a great opportunity for MRes students to learn about the breadth of photonics research across both universites by listening to presentations from CDT PhD students and invited guests from industry.

All attendees at seminar talks are invited to complete a form during the seminars to assess the quality of student talks on a range of criteria including graphic display, presentation content, audibility, eye contact and enthusiasm. The presenter with the highest overall average mark wins an annual prize for Best Seminar Presentation of the Year.

On 1st November at the first seminar of the new academic year, it was announced that Eleni Bohacek, a UCL CDT PhD student in UCL Electronic and Electrical Engineering supervised by Dr David Selviah is the winner of the Prize. She won a £130 gift voucher for Currys PC World and was presented with a Certificate signed by the CDT Director. Many congratulations to Eleni on her excellent presentation that she gave on her PhD research titled '3D Vision on Mars’.

Over the summer, Eleni was selected to complete a fully-funded visiting researcher placement with NASA on a Frontier development lab over the summer in Silicon Valley. Eleni was applying Artificial Intelligence techniques to problems in planetary defence and space resources.

NASA Frontier Development Lab is an AI R&D accelerator that tackles knowledge gaps useful to the space program. The program is an intense 8-week concentrated study on topics not only important to NASA, but also to humanity’s future. This year, the Lab are focusing on challenges within the fields of Planetary Defence, Space Resources, and Space Weather.