£2.3 million grant for UCL-Cambridge Multimode Optical Fibre research

EPSRC have awarded a collaborative research grant to researchers from UCL and Cambridge including Dr Benn Thomsen (UCL) and Tim Wilkinson (Cambridge), both associated with the Centre for Doctoral Training in Photonic Systems Development.

This collaborative research grant, recently awarded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, seeks to develop the technologies and systems required to exploit the spatial dimension of multimode optical fibre using coherent optical reception and MIMO signal processing techniques. It aims to increase the capacity of a single fibre beyond that of existing fibre communication systems in a cost effective and energy efficient manner.

The proposal, lead by UCL Electronic and Electrical Engineering, is a joint proposal between UCL, the University of Cambridge (Tim Wilkinson), the University of Oxford (Frank Payne) and the University of Southampton (David Richardson). The UCL team includes PI: Benn Thomsen and CIs: Seb Savory and Kit Wong

The grant in total is worth around £2.3 million over four years, with UCL receiving £652,074.