30-min podcast "Little lights with big ideas" with Professor Rachel Oliver.

Rachel Oliver, Professor of Materials Science at University of Cambridge, speaks to Real Scientists Nano about her research work on the small scale (nano) structure of gallium nitride in existing and new devices.

In this on podcast, "Little lights with big ideas", Rachel explains why nanostructure is important in light emitting diodes, what gallium nitride can do for us and, a topic she is passionate about, diversity in science.

When asked to explain her work in simple terms, Rachel said, “I work on a material called gallium nitride. If you have energy efficient light bulbs at home, based on light emitting diodes (LEDS) then gallium nitride is the material that the actual LEDs are made of. I look at the small scale (nano) structure of the material in devices like LEDs and try to understand it and engineer it, to get those devices to work better. I also engineer new nanostructures, for new devices.”

Rachel is a Professor of Materials Science at University of Cambridge and active supervisor for the CEPS and IPES CDT. Real Scientists Nano provide a platform for materials/nano scientists to communicate their research and engage with the public.

Read more about Rachel and listen to the podcast https://www.realscientistsnano.org/rachel-oliver