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Pre Application for the UCL-Cambridge Integrated Photonic and Electronic Systems CDT Programme

We welcome applicants from a range of backgrounds including Engineering and Physics into our popular programme. As competition for places and funding is highly competitive, we request that potential applicants submit the pre-application screening form below as early as possible (ideally before May to start the following September)

Please note the following:

  • Full Funding is available for UK and EU students eligible for Engineering and Physical Sciences Council (EPSRC) awards, but places are limited. If you are an EU student who has not lived in the UK for the last three years, you would only be eligible to have your tuition fees paid if you were to be made an offer so you would have to fund your living costs yourself.
  • Initial registration will be at either Cambridge University or UCL. The course is identical, whichever institution you are registered at. You may express a preference using the buttons below, but the decision as to which institution, if any, will make an offer to you, will be taken by the Centre.
  • At both Cambridge and UCL, overseas students will only be considered for the 1 year MRes initially and cannot register for the 4 year programme. However they can transfer after successfully completing the MRes on to a PhD at either institution.
  • It is advisable to prepare all elements of the pre-application form in a separate document (academic qualifications, CV, personal statement, research proposal) before starting to complete the online form. This is because the form cannot be saved and you may lose data if you experience technical difficulties.

Please note that this does not constitute a formal application. Following initial consideration of your pre-application, if there appears to be a good match between your background and qualifications and the objectives of the Centre, you will be invited to make a formal application to Cambridge or UCL using the standard application form.

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